Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration: Resources, Legal Assistance

Given concerns raised by the issuance of the executive order on January 27, 2017, I am posting some resources for those who are affected and have family members and friends who are affected. There is a great need for information and assistance from immigration attorneys. The following organizations are among those working to provide support locally: American Civil […]

PIP Coverage: Should health insurance pay for your treatment after a car crash?

If you have an Oregon auto insurance policy, then you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Oregon PIP coverage pays for your reasonable and necessary medical treatment that is related to the car crash (ORS 742.524)–regardless of who caused the crash. By law, you have to have a maximum of $15,000.00 at least of PIP coverage per […]

New Oregon PIP and UM/UIM Laws Protect the Injured

Oregon Senate Bill 411 puts new PIP and UM/UIM laws into effect in Oregon in 2016–for some, as early as January 2, 2016. It depends on the date on which your policy is written or renewed. The new laws apply to policies written or renewed on or after January 2. Changes in Oregon PIP coverage requirements include a […]

Do You Need to File a DMV Report after a Car Accident?

Oregon DMV requires that you fill out an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report after any accident in which one of the following is true: -Your vehicle sustained more than $1,500.00 dollars in damage, or -Any vehicle involved sustained more than $1,500.00 dollars in damage and a tow truck was required, because of damage from the […]

PIP Wage Loss

PIP Wage Loss: How Does It Work? If you have been unable to work for at least 14 days as a result of injuries from an auto collision, your PIP carrier (your auto insurance company or the same one that is providing your medical bill coverage) can open a wage loss claim for you. PIP […]

Drive Safely in the Rain

Keeping your vehicle well maintained can help in rainy weather conditions. For example, having brakes and windshield wipers checked to be sure they are operating properly and not in need of maintenance or repair can help avoid dangerous situations on the road. Checking tire tread and keeping tires properly inflated, according to your vehicle’s specifications, […]