Do You Need to File a DMV Report after a Car Accident?

Oregon DMV requires that you fill out an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report after any accident in which one of the following is true:

-Your vehicle sustained more than $1,500.00 dollars in damage, or
-Any vehicle involved sustained more than $1,500.00 dollars in damage and a tow truck was required, because of damage from the accident, to move any vehicle from the accident scene, or
-More than $1,500.00 dollars in damage was done to anyone’s property, other than a vehicle, or
-There were injuries or fatalities resulting from the accident.

The report is supposed to be filed within 72 hours of the accident if one of the above conditions is met. The report form can be found at DMV offices or on the DMV website. To download the form, click here:

If you have been in a car accident in Oregon and you have questions about your rights and responsibilities, you may contact an experienced Oregon car accident attorney.