New Oregon PIP and UM/UIM Laws Protect the Injured

Oregon Senate Bill 411 puts new PIP and UM/UIM laws into effect in Oregon in 2016–for some, as early as January 2, 2016. It depends on the date on which your policy is written or renewed. The new laws apply to policies written or renewed on or after January 2.

Changes in Oregon PIP coverage requirements include a longer time in which PIP benefits may be used following a motor vehicle collision. Under the old law, injured people had one year (or up to the PIP maximum on the policy, $15,000.00 or higher) in which to have medical treatment that was reasonable, necessary, and related to the motor vehicle collision covered by the PIP benefits of their auto insurance policies. The new law extends that time period to two years.

Your auto insurer’s rights to seek reimbursement for the PIP payments it has made are also changed under the new law.

The new Oregon UM/UIM law allows for “stacking” of the UM/UIM policy limits on top of the policy limits of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.

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