Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can involve serious or life-threatening injuries. They can also involve wrongful death. In addition, they can involve injuries that are not life-threatening but that still affect the injured person’s life, work, and ability to perform daily activities. Injuries can be physical and psychological.

In Oregon, there is a two year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. The statute of limitations is the time limit in which a settlement must be reached or a lawsuit must be filed against the person or the entity that caused the injury.

Every personal injury claim involves both liability and damages. Proving liability involves proving that someone else caused your damages. In addition, you must prove the nature and extent of your damages.

Personal injury lawsuits are civil, not criminal. The plaintiff, the person who files the lawsuit for personal injuries, sues the defendant, the person or entity claimed to have caused the damages to the plaintiff. Settling or winning a case means that the plaintiff receives compensation from the defendant. In most personal injury cases, the defendant has insurance and it is the insurance company that settles the case with the plaintiff or provides the defendant with an attorney to represent the defendant at trial.

If you believe you have a personal injury claim, it is a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney. I represent injured people with personal injury claims. Types of claims I handle include:

Auto accidents, including car, truck, and bus collisions

Motorcycle accidents

Bicycle accidents

Pedestrians hit by cars or trucks

Hit and run collisions

Falls on unsafe floors and other premises liability claims


Dog bites

Other types of personal injury claims

If you were injured in an accident, traffic collision, or any of the above types of situations, you may have a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer can talk with you about the facts of your case and help you understand your rights. You may contact my office at 503-451-3656 for information or to schedule a free consultation.