PIP Coverage: Should health insurance pay for your treatment after a car crash?

If you have an Oregon auto insurance policy, then you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Oregon PIP coverage pays for your reasonable and necessary medical treatment that is related to the car crash (ORS 742.524)–regardless of who caused the crash. By law, you have to have a maximum of $15,000.00 at least of PIP coverage per person and that coverage is in place for two years after the car accident, under laws recently in effect in Oregon–or for one year, if your insurance policy was written prior to January 2, 2016 and has not yet renewed.

Generally, your PIP carrier (your auto insurance), not your health insurance, should pay for your treatment following a car accident. After the crash, when you contact your auto insurer to open a PIP claim, you will be given a PIP claim number that you can provide to medical offices for billing purposes. If your PIP coverage is no longer available, then it may be your health insurer’s turn to pay. If your bills are not being paid or you have questions, you may want to talk to a car accident attorney. If you have been in a car crash and you have specific questions about Oregon PIP coverage or other issues, you may contact my office.